E-french-ology is an independent student coaching and academic mentoring service for students of languages, literature and related applied language subjects in the fields of audio-visual adaptations and translation.

We also operate in a consulting capacity, and are available to give guidance to departments of Higher Education on their language programs, especially to those interested in developing internationally acclaimed and highly innovative Audio-Visual Adaptations programs.

With twenty years of experience in language departments within Higher Education and as purveyors of internationally acclaimed courses based on innovative uses of technology we have in-depth knowledge of course creation, especially those involving multi-media platforms, such as machine translation, green-screen presentations in the target language, subtitling, audio-description, voiceover, dubbing, and language lab activities for general language and professional purposes.

With ten years of experience coordinating the Erasmus program for both incoming and outgoing students we are specialists in structuring Year Abroad programs, such as the new Turing program, and in communicating and brokering exchange deals with foreign language departments worldwide.

We have also designed interpreting suite teaching activities based on Televic Interpreting technology.

Academic specialities:

Audiovisual Adaptations (subtitling, voiceover, audio-description and dubbing)

Translation theory and practice

Translation and Audio-Visual Adaptations tools

Tele-prompting and auto-cues for Language Learning

Innovations in Language Learning and Teaching

Texts and resources for Teachers and Learners

Interpreting suite activities

Year Abroad program coordination

Deal-brokering for foreign language exchange programs

Innovating administrative Academic apprenticeships for Year Abroad students

Drama for language learning

Machine translation using Omega-T and TranslationQ

Implementing open-source/ freeware software programs for language learning in a lab setting

Academic mentoring

Tutoring languages and thesis-writing

APA and MLA academic formatting

Translation of Academic papers in the field of Linguistics

Ph.D. and MA thesis supervision