At E-French-ology we strive to make the best possible use of E-Learning for languages with the ever-increasing array of resources to be found online. Whilst also being a notebook for day-to-day activities and E-Learning discoveries, e-french-ology will group together online assets that are useful for language learning, tutorials for teachers, and resources for creating of online courses.

Whilst technologically and creatively driven, e-french-ology also sees the value of student-centered pedagogies. Tools and ideas that make student participation easier, more frequent and more natural will be analyzed here, in a section where collages and writing, both creative and theoretical, will have a place.

One of the specific and long-term aims of e-french-ology is to facilitate the creation of MOOCs; a new endeavour for the Languages department here in Swansea, by providing a repository for ideas, platforms and techniques for their creation and content.

E-french-ology is a place of discovery, discussion and recording of pedagogical and E-learning pratices and tools that are best for languages, and in this case, mostly of French.

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